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Tour of Athenian street Art. One of the world’s hottest destinations for graffiti artists.

In the noise of the city, the daily stressful rhythms, air cut off by the exhaust gas, through the smiles but also the sorrows of the passers-by, through the eyes of children who are heading to school with their bags, between car horns and noise, a different breath, an artistic breath, a breath of life sometimes worn out sometimes inspired:






An artist was here, an artist left his soul on the worn wall, filled it with colors, shapes, thoughts. The landscape suddenly changed.

Yellow… Yes! Yes! The soul of the street. It was crafted, stepped into her mold and found her own breath of life. After all, as Picasso said, “Art washes the soul from the dust of everyday life”. When art appears on the street, in the neighbourhood, in the prison building, in the dilapidated apartment buildings, it is reborn, and through this re-birth we may be reborn as well, each one of us.

“Art washes the soul from the dust of everyday life” — Picasso


Throughout its history, Athens has been known for things such as Greek mythology, architecture, food, and now it is also known for its street art. Although street art grew to prominence in the neighborhoods of Athens in the 1990s, signs of graffiti tags were seen in times as old as ancient Greece.

The word comes from the Greek word “graphí” which means “writing”. In ancient Greece graffiti was carved into buildings.



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