2 Purchase of artwork and payment

Want to buy an artwork available on Dot Galleries, you have the opportunity to “Buy Now”.
Payment methods;

Via bank deposit, cash on delivery (up to 499.00 euros), paypal, apple pay, stripe.

Shipping costs are determined by the gallery, which is responsible for packaging and shipping the work. These charges are included in the price of the artwork.

4 Orders and communication with Dot Galleries

In the rare event that the gallery is unable to inform you about the order within 72 hours, you can contact Dot Galleries by phone or at the following email address: info@dotgalleries.com.

You can contact us by phone, email, social media (Instagram, Facebook).

Dot Galleries does not have a physical presence. The works are only exhibited digitally.

Artworks can be shipped worldwide.

3 Artworks and Artists

Dot Galleries guarantees the authenticity of artworks, providing for each artwork a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

The gallery sells artworks by Greek artists only, wishing to promote talented young artists to the general public.

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