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DOT GALLERIES is a movement — it turns its eyes to the artist who has something to say to us through incompatible and invasive forms, every new person who makes art but now against the classic. The sensors of DOT GALLERIES are always open in order to detect every new artistic vein that strikes within the Country, with the aim of highlighting it but also imbuing our homes with their creations.


The world is changing rapidly and we are changing with it, which is why DOT GALLERIES is introducing the world of galleries – for the first time – into the digital age, exhibiting works only online, faithfully following the trend of the time and the flow of technological development.


Our goal at DOT GALLERIES is through the site to make you feel that each work is like seeing it live, that you can touch it, that you can identify its every detail – without second thought, that you can correctly distinguish its color palette, so that it is secondary to visit a physical location. To be able to get completely close to art through just your screen or through services with which DOT GALLERIES will bring art to your home, your office, your space and connect you with the artist and art.


Greece is full of contemporary art that conveys resounding messages, which, however,hardly reach the recipients.DOT GALLERIES is committed to changing this reality, to bring the artist into contact with the general public. The challenge is to dissolve everything trivial around the gallery space.


Art is for everyone without exception, and you just have to enjoy the journey and become part of the movement.

a solid mission

  • We envision a future where everyone is moved by art every day.

  • We are dedicated to making a joyful, welcoming experience that connects collectors with the artists and artworks they love.

  • We believe that the process of buying art should be as brilliant as art itself.
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